Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More on the Trade

This is another card I recieved from Steve. When I started selecting cards to send Steve I thought I don't want to look at his want list because I would get discouraged if I didn't have anything on his list, so I didn't look at it. I love surprises. It is fun to open up a package to see what someone else thought you might like even if it is a miss or you get a card you already had. If I had to tell Steve what years to try to pick from to send me, I would have said stay away from the late 70's. I have lots of them. So, by looking at this card it is a good thing I didn't tell him that! Because I didn't have a 79 Wilson. Thanks Steve!
I remember when the Royals called up Wilson from the minors in 1976. Wilsons speed was amazing! He was so fast and quick that I didn't want the Royals to send him back to Omaha. But they sent him back for awhile and when he came back LOOK OUT! He was fun to watch. Too bad he was involved with drugs. Like I said, it was fun watching him, play.

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Steve Gierman said...

I probably would have said to stay away from the early 90's, but those cards were on my want list.

I'm glad I could pick out something you didn't have from the late 70's.