Sunday, June 29, 2008

2007 UD GOUDEY 54 CARD LOT on E-bay

I bought these 2007 Upper Deck Goudey 54 Card Lot on E-bay
I got 30 Green-backs including Goudey heads up short print of CARLTON FISK. Yeah!!!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cards from Tribecards

I received some great cards from Tribe Cards. I picked David up something at a garage sale a while back so now, I guess I will have to send it to him now. At first I had a hard time trying to figure out which card to make the feature card out of the selection from Tribe cards. But when I seen this Storm Davis 1990 Classic card I picked it. This past Wednesday Evening I was going through my Royals Cards when I noticed my 1990 Storm Davis card had a crease in it. Then low and behold I get one in the mail. Thanks David for the great cards!

1974 topps Ed Kirkpatrick #262
1979 Topps Joe Zdeb #389
2008 Topps Miguel Olivo#441
2008 Topps Matt Tupman #534
2007 Topps Opening Day David DeJesus #162
2007 Topps Opening Day Ryan Braun #169
2002 Topps Raul Ibanez #458
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Alex Gordon
2007 Fleer Mark Teahen #24
1992 O pee chiee George Brett
2004 Donruss Team Heroes Amos Otis
2004 Donruss Impact Jermaine Dye
1996 Topps Finest Prodigies Sal Fasano
2007 Fleer Joey Gathright
1989 Fleer Baseballs Exciting Stars Kevin Seitzer
1982 Fleer Rance Mulliniks
2005 Donruss Mike MacDougal
1989 Donruus Diamond Kings Kevin Seitzer
2008 Upper Deck Joel Peralta#255
2002 Fleer Angel Berroa #206
1995 Pinacle Bob Hamelin #4
1983 topps Runs Batted in Leaders Hal McRae #703
1991 Collectabooks George Brett #28
1992 The Baseball Enquirer George Brett
1996 Classic Kevin Appier
1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Jim Pittsley
1994 Upper Deck Sp Kevin Appier
2005 Donruss Signature George Brett
2007 Topps 52 Ryan Braun#96
1990 Classic Storm Davis #T15
Willie Wilson Pin
1993 BAT Card Upper Deck Dennis Leonard
1993 Bat Card Upper Deck Buddy Biancalana

Thursday, June 26, 2008

26 years today

Where most women have closet full of shoes and clothing my wife has a closet full of baseball cards. The kitchen table is always full of baseball cards so full you can't even clear the table for food. However, my wife solved that problem she simply got a second table for the kitchen! I appreciate my wife and the 26 years of cards cluttering our house.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My 96 topps lot buy

In the mid 1990's I decided that I didn't like where the hobby of ball card collecting was headed. I decided that I was only going to buy and collect cards from the 1970's or later. But having the true collectors blood and enjoying the hobby, I decided to start buying some of the new cards in the late 1990's. Well, I missed out on some years, one of the years I missed out on was 1996. So, I decided I wanted to buy a large lot of cards. I always liked opening vending boxes more than I did opening a wax box. I finally found a guy that was selling 466 , 1996 Topps cards on e-bay. The dealer said,"They would have a book value of $110." So, I thought this is too good to turn down. I got a lot of doubles of star players that I can use as trade bait with other traders. In my opinion, I missed out on a good looking card in 1996. Topps had good photography, and the picture takes up most of the card space without a lot of border, unlike the 2008 Topps. Anyway if you are wondering what the baseball cardman is doing, he is looking at and sorting his new 1996 Topps!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My first packs of 2008 Topps Series 2

I bought 4 Value packs from Wal-Mart today of Series 2
I pulled this 2008 Topps GOLD Twins CRAIG MONROE Card!
The back of the card says: The Twins are confident Craig can return to his power-hitting form of 2006, when he led the Tigers in Home runs, then swatted five more in postseason. He is capable at all three outfield positions.
I like to read the back of cards, then see how real life turned. In real life when the Twins acquired outfielder Craig Monroe in the offseason, they asked the former starter for the Tigers to adjust to life on the bench as a pinch-hitter and occasional bat against left-handers. As of June the 19th Monroe is only hitting .208 in 120 at-bats.
In the 144 cards I pulled ,I also found 4 Royals cards. Yeah!!!!!!!!!
I must also add this is my "100th POST"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free Cards from fyretiger

fyretiger at Sports Card Forum posted this thread

"I've got a whole bunch of base that I don't really need and they're taking up a good amount of space. I'd be willing to give some away since I'm sure someone else could use them more than me. I can either fill set needs, or if there's a player/team you collect, I can just give an assortment. I am only giving away base cards! Most of them are from 2005 to 2008. I have cards from the following sets:08 Co-Signers08 Bowman08 Topps (Series 1)08 Spectrum08 Topps Opening Day08 Finest07 Bowman07 Bowman Draft 07 SP Rookie Edition 07 Spectrum07 SP Authentic 07 Topps (Series 1,2,UH)07 Future Stars07 Topps Opening Day07 Topps 52 Rookies06 Bowman06 Future Stars06 Special F/X05 Donruss Champions and a few singles from the 80s-90s.Since these are going to be free, I'm going to ask that you be fair in the number of cards you ask for. Also, please don't request Jeter, Pujols, Griffey, A-Rod, Bonds, or other huge stars, since they tend to book considerably higher. I don't mind giving you one of their cards, but I will not fill an envelope of them. If you would like to make a request, I will require that you send me a SASE (PWE or bubble, it's up to you) with a note of what you'd like or what set needs we had agreed upon, and if you'd like, a toploader (note that this adds to the weight, and so I won't be able to give you as many cards for the same postage). I will fill the envelope to the amount of postage that you've added. If there is not enough postage on the envelope, I will NOT send it back!If you're looking for set needs, please post them here and I'll check what I have. If you just want a certain player/team, send me a PM and I'll tell you where to send the SASE.Please, one request per person. Thanks!"
Well this sounded so good and times are rough with gas being $4.00 plus a gallon so I took her up on her offer. I am pleased to say that she really gave me some great cards and it was a fantastic offer! This Mark Teahen is just one of the many cards she sent.

Reggie Sanders 2006 Upper Deck#32

Mike Sweeney 2007 Upper Deck Sp #71

Mark Teahen 2007 Upper Deck SP#72

Elmer Dessens 2006 Upper Deck #642

Mark Teahen 2006 Topps Opening Day #71

Mark Redman 2006 Topps Opening Day #155

David DeJesus 2006 Topps Opening Day #162

Mike Sweeney 2007 SP Authentic #71

Gil Meche 2007 SP Authentic #70

Mark Teahen SP Authentic #72

Mark Teahen 2007 Bowman Chrome #116

Gil Meche 2008 Topps Co Signers#073

Mark Grudzielanek 2008 Topps #222

David DeJesus 2008 Topps #208

Zack Greinke 2008 Topps #46

Alex Gordon 2008 Topps Opening Day#147

David DeJesus 2008 Topps Opening Day # 92

Brain Bannister 2008 Topps Opening Day #166

Zack Greinke 2008 Topps Opening Day #21

Elmer Dessens 2006 Upper Deck #642

David De Jesus 2008 Co Signers#084

Thank you fyretiger

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I remember "Bo Knows... "

I never thought there would be a time that I would find this card in the commons bin. Living around Kansas City in the late 1980's and early 1990's Bo Jackson cards were a "Hot Item!" Now, you find them in the commons bin pretty regularly. My favorite memory of Bo with the Royals
is the play they call the "Wall Walk." Jackson performed his famous "wall run", when he caught a ball approximately 2-3 strides away from the wall. As he caught the ball at full tilt, Jackson looked up and noticed the wall and began to run up the wall, one leg reaching higher as he ascended. He ran along the wall almost parallel to the ground, and came down with the catch, to avoid impact and the risk of injury from the fence. What other people don't remember about that play is right before that he dropped an easy fly ball, I was so mad at him. In all my years of watching baseball and football I have never been so mad at a guy at one moment and at the next moment go Wow! I really enjoyed openeing a pack and getting a Bo Jackson card, because in the old days I could have traded them for something really good.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Jr. 600th

Ken Griffey hit his 600th homer today! I remember when Upper Deck
came out and made his card the #1 card. Everybody was crazy about Upper Deck and they were even more crazy about the Ken Griffey Jr. card. I really thought he would get to the 600th homerun long before now. But when he went to Cincinnati he just couldn't stay healthy.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Royals I have traded for in the 25 Royals for your team

Here is a list of Royals cards I got in trades.This is the first group I will post.They are from the 70's
Galen Cisco 1968 Topps #211
Dave Morehead 1969 Topps #29
Pat Kelly 1970 Topps #57,Al Fitzmorris & Scott Northey 1970 Topps #241 ,
Dick Drago 1971 Topps #37,Strikout Leaders Bob Johnson 1971 Topps #71,Aurelio Monteagudo 1971 Topps #129,Jackie Hernandez 1971 Topps #144,Tom Burgmeier 1971 Topps #431,Joe Keough 1971 Topps #451
Bob Oliver 1972 Topps #57,Paul Schaal in action 1972 Topps #178,Paul Splittorff 1972 Topps #315,Al Fitzmorris 1972 Topps #349,John Mayberry 1972 Topps #373,
,Cookie Rojas 1973 Topps #188,Freddie Joe Patek 1973 Topps #334,Dal Canton 1973 Topps #487
Kansas City Royals Team Checklist Topps 1974,Robert Floyd 1974 Topps #41,Amos Otis 1974 Topps #65,Freddie Patek 1974 Topps #88,John Mayberry 1974 Topps #150Jack McKeon 1974 Topps #166 Managers card,Al Fitzmorris 1974 Topps #191,Fran Healy 1974 Topps #238,Steve Busby 1974 Topps #365Royals Team Cards 1974 Topps #343,Marty Pattin 1974 Topps #583
Nelson Briles 1974 Topps Traded #123T,Fernando Gonzalez 1974 Topps Traded #649T
Steve Busby 1975 Topps MINI #120
Alan Fitzmorris 1975 Topps #24 ,Freddy Patek 1975 Topps # 48James Wohlford 1975 Topps #144 Octavio Rojas 1975 Topps # 169Francis Healy 1975 Topps # 251Harold McRae 1975 Topps # 268Vada Pison 1975 Topps # 295John Martinez 1975 Topps #314 Paul Splittorff 1975 Topps # 340James Bird 1975 Topps #364 Martin Pattin 1975 Topps #413 Al Cowens 1975 Topps #437 John Bruce 1975 Topps # 472Nelson Briles 1975 Topps # 495Stephan Mingori 1975 Topps # 544Frank White 1975 Topps #569 Joseph Hoerner 1975 Topps # 629Lyndall McDaniel 1975 Topps # 652
Paul Splittorff 1976 Topps #43,Tony Solaita 1976 Topps #121,Al Fitzmorris 1976 Topps #144,Freddy Patek 1976 Topps #167,Steve Busby 1976 Topps #260,Jim Wohlford 1976 Topps #286,Cookie Rojas 1976 Topps #311,Dennis Leonard 1976 Topps #334,Frank White 1976 Topps #369,Vada Pinson 1976 Topps #415,John Mayberry 1976 Topps #440,Marty Pattin 1976 Topps #492,Amos Otis 1976 Topps #510,Dave Nelson 1976 Topps #535,Steve Mingori 1976 Topps #541,Steve Grilli, Craig Mitchell, Jose Sosa, George Throop 1976 Topps #591,Buck Martinez 1976 Topps #616,Al Cowens 1976 Topps #648
Mark Littell 1977 Topps #141Andy Hassler 1977 Topps #602Marty Pattin 1977 Topps #658
Darrell Porter 1978 Topps #19Pete Lacock 1978 Topps #157Marty Pattin 1978 Topps #218Frank White 1978 Topps #248John Wathan 1978 Topps #343Joe Lahoud 1978 Topps #382Joe Zdeb 1978 Topps #408Amos Otis 1978 Topps #490Paul Splittorff 1978 Topps #638Dennis Leonard 1978 Topps #665
Larry Gura 1979 Topps #19,Jamie Quirk 1979 Topps #26,Steve Mingori 1979 Topps #72,John Wathan 1979 Topps #99 ,Marty Pattin 1979 Topps #129,Paul Splittorff 1979 Topps #183 ,Jerry Terrell 1979 Topps #273,Willie Nelson 1979 Topps #409,Al Cowens 1979 Topps #490,Clint Hurdle 1979 Topps #547,Darrell Porter 1979 Topps #571,Doug Bird 1979 Topps #664

Friday, June 6, 2008

1976 Topps All-time All-Stars

In 1976 I was real happy when I opened a pack of topps and got an all-time great card! At the time Walter Johnson, was the all-time strike out king. He is now 9th on the list. The all-time great cards after 32 years are still on the top of my list of best cards to have. They helped me to learn about the "Old Great Ball Players" and their statistics, which is why I like them the best. 1976 was also the first time I ever opened a cello pack.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Defense of The Big Unit

Wax Heaven wrote a story about Randy Johnson not being much of an upgrade. I realize that Randy Johnson is no Nolan Ryan. When I was a young boy, Nolan Ryan was my hero with his blazing fast ball and his ability to strike out batters! But baseball in the 1990's and into the new mellinium would have been very boring without the "Big Unit" in a time when baseball was all about the hitter and not about the pitcher, he made the game fun to watch.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

2008 Topps Opening Day Cards

Kevin Kouzmanoff is the only person in history to hit a grand slam on the very first pitch in his MLB career, which he did on September 2, 2006