Thursday, February 28, 2008

2008 Topps

Yeah! I finally opened my first pack of 2008 Topps! What am I two three weeks behind everybody else? I was actually trying to hold out until I could make it to a card shop to buy a hobby box. But they are such a long way away I decided to go by Wal-Mart and buy some packs. Pretty sad they don't even sell packs of ball cards in the town where I live. I guess the 2008 Topps base set is okay but, definitely not on my all time favorite list. I did like this Jimmy Rollins card I posted, the 50th anniversy of the All-Star rookies. Hopefully, I will buy a hobby box soon then I may have something to really talk about. Baseballcardman

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cards from Topps Trader

I want to thank Topps Trader for sending me 19 - 1975 Royals cards. I was really happy to receive them! First of all the 1975 Topps is my favorite year of cards. I have a complete set of 1975 Topps but I did not want to break into them to get my Royals. I want to really thank Jeramiah because he just gave me these cards for posting his site on my blogg. In 1975 I was really into collecting cards this brings back a lot of good memories. I remember Busby was a great pitcher until he had arm trouble. Thanks again, Jeramiah who is the Topps Trader.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Harry Truman

I want to thank cardboardjunkie for giving me this Harry Truman card in our trade. Eventhough, I don't think he every played for the Royals (LOL). Nevertheless, he was a President from Missouri and he was born about 30 minutes from where I live. I am also a big fan of Truman! I try to keep my political views seperate from this blogg. But this is an exception to my rule. I really like the card! I try to be a card collector in the same way Harry was president. I am constantly trying to build my collection to my perfection. Thanks again Dave, I loved all the cards!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Beckett February 1992

Since Beckett is changing the way they do things and I have an attic full of old Becketts. I thought I would pick one out every now and then and write about it. When I look at the old magazines I wonder where it ever went wrong? As you can see on this cover there is a picture of Ozzie Smith. There is a story in the front of this Beckett about how the readers of the Beckett donated 2,000,000 cards for a Cards For Kids Program. A couple of pages over there is a story about Rookie Jeff Bagwell and how he won National Laegue Rookie of the Year. The pictures are so big and the stories are so well written. The main reason I picked this magazine out is for the story named,"In the Defense of Defense." This story talks about how collectors snub Defensive Players and fans don't always appreciate them. The story goes on to tell about how important good defensive players are in a game and it has a lot of pictures of great defensive players and their cards. I always liked the price guides in the Old Becketts. I almost don't need my bi-focals to read the prices! Each make and year has a picture of one of the cards so you can tell what the cards look like. Then you get to the section called "The Readers Write!. " You guessed it, this is where readers write questions or comments and the Writers for the Beckett make comments on the stories/ comments from the readers. On the back cover there is a big picture of Jeff Bagwell. I still enjoy looking at these old magazines like I said, the stories are well written, the pictures are great! I am still wondering where it went wrong?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eric Bryan Lindros

This is a Score "Traded/Update" Baseball Card from 1990. However, Eric Lindros was a professional Ice Hockey player who played 13 seasons in the National Hockey League. The hype around his career led to an exclusive deal with Score. Lindros took batting practice with the Toronto Blue Jays upon an invitation from the manager Cito Gaston. Attempting to leverage this arrangement with Score as much as possible, he was even featured on this baseball card. The card showes him as a third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays although he never actually played baseball. He was only there taking batting practice one day. The reason I am posting this card is that this is another one of those cards that had a lot of "Hype" around it when it came out. The asking price from most dealers at card shows was $5.00 - $10.00. I came by this card when I bought a whole bunch of cards from a card dealer who was going out of business. While I was digging through the cards and found this one it reminded me, that I need to be patient when it comes to card collecting and wait until the "Hype" goes away before purchasing the card.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trading with Indian Baseball Cards Always

I am having great fun trading! I am now up to 961 Royals cards in my collection. What I am doing is a trade like this; You send me 25 Royals cards and I will send you 25 cards of the team you collect. If you would like to make a trade contact me Tonights trade is from Indian Baseball Cards Always. These are the cards I received in my trade from Indian Baseball Cards Always along with the 1986 Topps tattoos I never had seen them before was a nice surprise!
Thanks David, if it wasn't for you and Steve, I never would have started team collecting!
2005 Fleer Ken Harvey, 2002 Upperdeck Runelvys Hernandez, 2006 Fleer Tradition Steve Stemle, 2003 Upperdeck Mike Sweeney, 2003 Fleer Tradition Neifi Perez, 2003 Fleer Tradition Joe Randa, 1998 Pinnacle Inside Glendon Rush, 2003 Upperdeck Chuck Knoblauch, 2003 Fleer Double Header Jeff Suppan, 2004 Upperdeck Mike Sweeney, 2004 Vintage Upperdeck Jose Lima, 2003 Fleer Tradition Wes Obermueller, 2005 Donruss Angel Berroa, 2000 Upperdeck Jermaine Dye, 2000 Upperdeck Ultimate Victory Jermaine Dye, 2003 Topps Royals Team Picture, 2005 Topps Total Brian Andreson, 1997 Pinnacle Tom Goodwin, 2003 Topps Future Stars Angel Berroa & Alexis Gomez, 2004 Fleer Ultra Angel Berroa, 2002 Fleer Focus Mark Quinn, 2002 Upperdeck Chuck Noblauch, 1997 Score Pinnacle Rod Myors, 2005 Upperdeck Ken Harvey, 2002 Donruss Fan Club Mark Quinn,1986 Topps Tattoos. Just e-mail me, If you have any questions or to get a trade started. Thanks again, Baseballcardman

Trade with Drew

This trade was with Drew. His e-mail said he had found my blogg and found it quite interesting. He told me how his collecting history was similar to mine. When I read his story I was surprised to see how close it was to mine. Drew is a collector of the Oakland A's and I collect Royals. I will be sending Drew's cards out tomorrow as I just got his address on the package today. Thanks Drew! The cards he sent to me in this trade are:1981 Fleer Darrell Porter, 1981 Fleer Clint Hurdle, 1981 Fleer Amos Otis, 1984 Topps Cesar Geronimo, 1984 Topps Manager Dick Howser, 1984 Mike Armstrong, 1984 Topps Paul Splittorff, 1983 Topps Dennis Leonard, 1983 Topps willie Wilson, 1983 Topps U.L. Washington, 1983 Topps Jerry Martin, 1983 Topps Frank White, 1983 Topps Batting Leader Willie Wilson & Pitching Leader Vida Blue, 1983 Topps Dan Quisenberry All Star Card, 1983 Topps Lee May, 1983 Topps Larry Gura, 1983 Topps Jamie Quirk, 1983 Topps Super Veteran Lee May, 1987 Donruss Frank White, 1987 Donruss Charlie Leibrandt. 1987 Donruss Mike Kingery, 1987 Donruss Greg Pryor, 1987 Topps Hal McRae, 1987 Topps Buddy Biancalana, 2002 Donruss Mike Sweeney. This was another good trade! Thanks, Drew!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cardboard Junkie Cards

Wow! When it rains it pours! I got four packages of cards today in the mail. I am going to list all four trades in four seperate posts. I am going to start off with Daivd at Cardboard Junkie. He has been like my mentor on this blogging. He is the first baseball card blogger I found. The blogg sight I found David was when he was endorsing Trade Mania. The first card I will start off with is the one I have posted here the 1972 Bob Oliver, his other he sent me were: 1968 Galen Cisco, 1979 Al Cowens, 1981 Donruss Dan Quisenberry, 1970 Topps Pat Kelly, 1974 Topps Freddy Patek, 1973 Topps Cookie Rojas, 1991 UpperDeck Gerald Perry, 1993 Fleer Kieth Miller, 1992 Topps Kevin Seitzer, 1971 Topps Jackie Hernandez, 1989 Topps All Star BO Jackson, 1994 Pinnacle Mike Macfarlane, 2008 UpperDeck Brian Bannister, 1994 Donruss Bob Hamelin, 1998 Fleer Jeff King, 1992 Fleer Ultra Kevin Appier, 2007 Topps Classic Combo Angel Berroa & Andres Blanco, 2003 Topps Heritage Rual Javier Ibanez, 2007 Bowman Heritage Alex Gordon, 2006 Bowman Heritage Alex Gordon, 2007 UpperDeck Angel Sanchez, 2006 Topps Kauffman Stadium, 2000 UpperDeck Jermaine Dye, 2007 Fleer Jose Diaz and an unopened- Major League George Brett All Stars Pop-Up Puzzle& Cards with a puzzle. 2007 Topps Distinguished Service Harry Truman I never pulled one last year! And the final card Kansas City Athletics Yeah! I love them. 1959 Bob Martyn! What a deal! This was an exceptionally GREAT Trade! Thanks to the Cardboard Junkie!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jim Abbott

Tonights card is the 1989 Topps Jim Abbott card. Like I have said before on this blogg, I do not like doubles as soon as I get a double I trade it off to get something I don't have. In 1989 I decided that I would try to see how many Jim Abbott cards I could get in my possession. I really have great admiration on how he has worked through his handicap. In 1989 I was doing construction work I got a job in East Lansing Michigan. I noticed they were having a card show on the weekend in Flint Michigan. So, I went to the show and started looking for Jim Abbott cards. I couldn't find any of his card anywhere at the show. I didn't ask but I couldn't find them. When I got home and started looking at this card I noticed that he was born and raised in Flint MI. I guess I should have noticed the Big M on his hat or Michigan on his Jersey. Anyway I never was the most observant dog in the woods. To this day in my collection Jim Abbott's 1989 Topps card is the only card I have numerous copies of side by side in my collection. I feel keeping the numerous copies is a tribute to Jim Abbott and his handicap.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daniel Ray Ainge 1981 Donruss

Before there was Bo there was Danny Ainge. Danny Ainge was a professional basketball and baseball player who played in the NBA for the Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, and Phoenix Suns, and also in Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays. He was really talented. He wasn't that good of a professional baseball player, but he was very young when he came up in the majors. The Celtics ended up buying out his baseball contract with the Blue Jays. Even when Danny got with the Celtics they claimed he wasn't that good. But he had so much talent and with hard work he ended up being a fairly decent player. It makes me wonder what would have happened if he would have stayed with baseball?
In 1981 Donruss lauched itself into the Baseball Market. The cards are printed on thin stock and more than one pose exists for several popular players.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Normally the baseballcardman

I know this is a baseball card blogg so please forgive me for posting a football card tonight. However, I have a problem and maybe you can help my friend and I solve it. A friend of mine that I work with collects vintage football cards. he came to work one day and said that he had bought a Bronko Nagurski 1935 National Chicle on E-bay. I said, yeah right, knowing that this card brings several thousand dollars. He says, "No I payed $100 for it. The Ebay seller sold it as a reprint." I said, good grief, you payed $100 for a reprint?" He replied, "But I don't think it is a reprint" I replied, "Well whatever, I will have to see it to believe it." So, when he received the card, he brought it to work and showed it to me. I said, "This is an old card." "But it has a green back like a reprint. Instead of a blue back like the originals." Anyway he is going to have it graded. But I am just asking for your opinion to see what all of you think?" I wonder if just maybe the back has been in the sun and faded? I just don't know, give me your guess or thoughts on this."
I am very anxiously waiting to see what all of you have to say.
Thank you from,
Normally the baseballcardman

Monday, February 18, 2008

Interleague Play

I would like to invite all of you to check out Capewood's Collections he has been blogging for a few weeks now. He has been a collector of baseball cards since 1985 and he talks about other things on his bloggs besides baseball cards. I became a member of the Bench it is one of the largest sports card trading communities online. Some of you may already be familiar with it but I just came across it yesterday. For tonights post of the Interleague Playing card, it is hard to believe it has been ten years since Topps brought them out. My son was playing pee-wee basketball I remember sitting in the stands while he was playing opening packs of cards and hoping one of them would be an Interleague card. I really like the 1998 Topps gold borders.
I want to thank everyone that posts on my blogg your posts are appreciated!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bringing Collectors Back to the Hobby

The main thing I remember about Minnie Minoso coming back to play in 1976 & 1980 was the enthusiasism he brought to the players and fans. That is what I am hoping this blogging will do is bring back the enthusiasim to the hobby!
During the late 1980's & early 1990's there were a lot of collectors, many of these people were into it more as a lottery then they were for the fun of collecting. I had a lot of concerns when I seen people paying $4-5 for a Greg Jefferies Rookie Card. I was taught by my mentor, (I will call him Larry) that it was always more important to try and collect a player that could possibly be in the "Hall of Fame" someday, rather than a "Hot" rookie. My fears came true, many people started leaving the hobby and the bottom fell out of collecting. However, there were a lot of collectors out there that really enjoyed the hobby of collecting cards. I see blogging helping to stir the interest in bringing "Old Collectors" back to the hobby. When I post my bloggs I try to explain what collecting used to be like. (Not that I actually want it to be that again.) I am sharing my in-sight on how I see the hobby has changed in the last 35 years. Even though the hobby is changing we must mantain high enthusiasim levels to keep it going! I hope bloggs can bring the enthusisaism that Minnie did, I know it has for me!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Royals Trading

I want to thank everybody who has participated so far in the 25 for 25 trading for Royals. It is Great Fun! I am up to 800 Royals cards in my count. If anybody else would like to participate just e-mail me at To participate the rules are just send me 25 Royals and I will send you 25 of your team. Don't worry about sending me doubles.
Thanks again, Baseballcardman

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bo Knows!

In all my years of collecting baseball cards, I have never subscribed to Beckett. For some reason I would always go to the card shop and buy them when I wanted them. So, one month I went into buy my normal Beckett, I couldn't find one and so I asked the cardstore owner, where's the Beckett? He replied, "You haven't seen who's on the cover?" I said, "No?" He held up a Beckett with a picture of Bo Jackson on the cover in black and white. He says," I only have two left and I will sell you this one for $10. I said, "I like Bo but I don't care he is on the cover. I like the Beckett!" He said, "Sorry, no $10 no Beckett." Oh my gosh! What am I going to do? I just left the cardshop, and no Beckett!" Back in those days there where cardshops everywhere. Every cardshop I went into no Beckett. So, I went to this other little town where this guy had a small transmission shop and baseball card shop together. I walk in, He has the Beckett! I asked him how much for the Beckett? Oh, that would be the cover price, $2.5o I quickly reached into my pocket to give him the $2.50 after he handed me the Beckett, I told him what was going on. He acted I like I had ripped him off ! Anyway, I left the store being really happy as I had my Beckett. Now days they get almost $10. for a Becket anyway, and the closest cardshop is 75 miles away. Man, how times have changed! But, I still have my Bo Jackson Beckett!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cards from Andrew

I got cards from Andrew at 88 topps . Getting cards in the mail is great! Andrew said, "I hope it's your birthday, because I am sending you a special package of Royals cards!" Andy said, he hoped some of these cards are ones I don't already have. No Andrew its not my birthday. But it felt like it! I don't think there were any doubles in the cards you sent me. I really loved the George Brett and the Dick Howser cards. Thanks

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Griping and Complaining

I came into possession of this "Hammering Hank" in the mid-1970's. I made a trade for it. I remember thinking that someday the homerun record would probably be broken by somebody else just like Hankl AAron broke the Babes and of course we all know that last season it was broken. However, I don't think I ever dreamed it would ever happen like it did. People go on and on about the steroids probably with good reason. But, for me it is what baseball itself did. First of all they pulled the walls in, shrunk the strike zone, then when you compare an old major league baseball to a baseball made today you can tell that todays ball is made to fly and go farther. I remember when Hank was working on breaking Babes record pitchers would try to take his head off and Hank had this way of bending his legs to get out of the way. Now when you check these guys out (home run hitters) they hardly ever get pushed back off the plate. In the late 1960's when the pitchers got the upperhand they lowered the pitchers mound. When everybody was pounding homeruns over the fence and Major League Baseball didn't seem to care. Now, we have congress sticking their noses into baseball and congress can't solve any problems right now! Oh well, I am just griping and complaining. Hats Off to the "Hammering Hank!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great Trades on Monday

What a Monday! I recieved two packages yesterday in the mail. One Package from Jeff and one package from Blake. I recieved a big package of cards from Jeff at On Base Autos. What caught my eye about Jeff's group of cards was his 2005 Cracker jack cards. There were two in my pack, there were also several George Brett cards that I didn't have. Jeff's little boy snatched onto the "Chipper Jones" card I sent to Jeff. Jeef's son is now a "Chipper Jones" collector. It does my heart good to know that I have created another collector.
The other package I recieved was from Blake at Twin Cards. Blake and I did our trade a little differently through e-mail. I traded Jeff these cards
1997 Bowman Mark Redman
1997 Bowman Marty Cordova #269
1997 Bowman Mark Redman#126
1997 Bowman Javier Valentin#116
1997 Bowman Torii Hunter#176
1997 Bowman Kevin Brown #124
1997 Bowman J.J. Johnson #89
Alan Lee Mahaffey 2001 Topps Heritage #306
Kyle Lohse 2001 Topps Heritage #250
Brad Radke Topps Heritage #267
Jacque Jones Topps Heritage #113 2005 ESPN Upper Deck Torii Hunter
and Jeff sent me1994 Topps Stadium Club - Felix Jose
1994 Topps Stadium Club - Wally Joyner
1991 Bowman - Bret Saberhagen
1993 Bowman - Kevin Appier
1986 Topps - Dick Howser
1994 Topps Stadium Club - George Brett
1987 Fleer - George Brett
1997 UD Collectors Choice - Tim Belcher
2005 Topps Gallery - Ken Harvey
1985 Donruss - Bret Saberhagen
2005 Bowman Heritage - Billy Butler

The main card I liked in this trade was the 2005 Bowman Heritage Billy Butler. The only thing that was missing from these trades was the bubble Gum that was in the packages when I was a kid! Like I said, what a week! Good Trade Guys.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Link Exchange with Topps Trader

Tonight we are having link exchange with Topps Trader. This is a great site I don't know how I missed this site.
Jeremiah is a big Cardinals fan. He has been collecting Topps baseball cards since he was a kid. Jeremiah has full sets of 1974 through 2007 Topps base sets, he continue's to collect pre-1974 Topps baseball cards. He has about 200,000 baseball cards that he eventually wants to trade off. As far as players, he collects Stan Musial and Bobby Doerr.
Jeremiah also told me that he is creating the ability for collectors to trade any Topps baseball cards on my site. Sounds great to Me. Jeremiah you have a great site keep up the good work!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mike Moustakas

Bowman Card of Michael Moustakas

The Royals #1 prospect at this point in time, is 19-year-old shortstop Michael Moustakas. Drafted as the #2 overall selection in the 2007 first-year player draft, Moustakas offers one of the best high school bats to come out in quite a while. There was some uncertainty to whether he would sign or not (Boras is his agent), but he ultimately signed with the Royals 11 minutes before the deadline. He had some success in his debut with the Idaho Falls Chukars, batting .293 with five extra-base hits in 41 at-bats, and made only one error at shortstop in 10 games at the position.
Pros: Obviously, the bat. Moustakas offers a great feel for hitting, and projects as a .300 or better type hitter in the major leagues. He also offers what some scouts call "light tower power", a product of hitting 52 home runs in his high school career, tops all time in the state of California. Mike has a power arm that has hit 97 MPH off the mound. The Royals brass has also commended him for his leadership abilities on the field.
Cons: Ultimately, the only real problem at this point is his range at the shortstop position. They are working with him at instructs with that, and supposedly he has made a bit of progress. The Royals are confident he can stay at shortstop, but that obviously remains to be seen.MLB Comparison: An infielder in the mold of Chase Utley.
Story is from the The Royal Tower Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saturday, February 9, 2008


This Is my perception of "Fisking"

A couple of weeks ago one of the Big Bloggers had a title story called "Fisking". I thought alright! Being a Carlton Fisk fan, this has to be a story about Carloton Fisk. I was disappointed to find out that "Fisking" was a blogg term most often is used to implicate a line-by-line critisisim.
Oh "PUDGE" has been known to do a little criticizing by it was never line-by-line. The rivalry between Fisk and Munsen I don't believe was ever line-by-line. I would generate towards using the term bloggers call flamming to best describe the relationship between them. The story goes that when "PUDGE " got news that "Munsen had died in a plane crash" he cried right out in front of everybody. My favorite story about Carlton is, when he jumped Dion Sanders for not running out a pop-up. Carlton told him that he wasn't fit to wear a Yankees uniform. So as you can plainly see I have my own definition of what "Fisking" is.
This whole idea of this blogg happened when I called Steve the "Tom Seaver" of bloggers. He replied, If I am Tom Seaver, You are,"Carlton Fisk"! I found great honor in his reply.

Friday, February 8, 2008

88 Topps Cards Link Exchange

I am doing a link exchange with 88 topps cards tonight. Andy is celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of the great classic baseball card sets, 1988 Topps. Andy is going through all 792 cards one by one, posting bits about what makes the card awesome and cool stats about the player or team featured on the card. PLUS, Andy is giving away ALL the cards posted ! Keep your eye out for new contests about once a week.
1988 is the year I moved back to my home town of Rich Hill Missouri. To my surprise there was now a small card shop in town. I made a trade for 1988 Topps Set by trading a 1977 Pete Rose and Johnny Bench. Sure was nice having a card shop in town back then. Now the closest card shops are more than 75 miles away. Anyway I have great memories of the 1988 complete set.
Thanks for posting my link on your site.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Top Loader

Yes, this is what you think it is a Top Loader Card Protector. Are you asking why am I posting a top loader with no card in it? Well, it is because I want to show my appreciation to the top loader. you see they didn't use to have protection like this when I began collecting cards.
After I went to my first card convention in 1977 I realized that my cards needed to be protected to be worth something someday. So I ventured to Wal-Mart trying to find something that would work. I wanted something that I could display my cards in but they would still be protected. The best I could find was 3 1/2" by 3 1/2" photo albums. The photo albums didn't work very good but at least I had a way I could display them in an album. Later in the hobby they came up with the 9 pocket card sheets for protection. The first time I used a top loader protector I thought they were great! I could once again carry my baseball cards in a deck without hurting them! Of course with todays top loader like the one above the 3 by 4, I insert a card into a thin protector plastic sleeve and slide the card inside the Top Loader. Just wanted to share how things used to be and how they are now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jim Hunter 1976 Hostess Card

The Hostess Cards inthe 1970's were on the bottom of the box. There were three cards on the bottom of each box. I made my mother buy so many boxes I thought I was going to turn into a twinky. I would take a pair if scissors and cut the cards off the box and then seperate them. I found out years later I should have left them in the panel.
I was a big fan of "Catfish Hunter" eventhough he was a Yankee. (I am sorry Yankee Fans)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More on the Trade

This is another card I recieved from Steve. When I started selecting cards to send Steve I thought I don't want to look at his want list because I would get discouraged if I didn't have anything on his list, so I didn't look at it. I love surprises. It is fun to open up a package to see what someone else thought you might like even if it is a miss or you get a card you already had. If I had to tell Steve what years to try to pick from to send me, I would have said stay away from the late 70's. I have lots of them. So, by looking at this card it is a good thing I didn't tell him that! Because I didn't have a 79 Wilson. Thanks Steve!
I remember when the Royals called up Wilson from the minors in 1976. Wilsons speed was amazing! He was so fast and quick that I didn't want the Royals to send him back to Omaha. But they sent him back for awhile and when he came back LOOK OUT! He was fun to watch. Too bad he was involved with drugs. Like I said, it was fun watching him, play.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I got Cards from White Sox Cards

Yeah! My cards came from Steve at White Sox Cards came today. I sent him 25 White Sox cards and he sent me 25 Kansas City Royals cards. Out of the 25 cards he sent me I only got three doubles.Wow! What a trade! I have posted this George Brett card because I have never seen or heard of this card before. It says it is from the "Baseball Enquirer" it is a 1992 printed in the USA. the back of the card has four questions and four answers that go with the questions. It is a fun card to look at! He also sent a 1st Bowman Card of Michael Moustakas he was picked second over all in the draft last summer. Another one of the cards I really liked was the Goudey of David DeJesus #137. I wish I could post more pictures, however all I have for Internet service is dial-up and it would take forever! And I have to give up the computer every now and then to the rest of my family. You know I will post some more of these cards later on. Steve at White Sox Cards if it wasn't for you and David at Indian Cards always, I don't think I would have stayed with blogging but you two make it fun and interesting. Thanks Again!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Splittorff and the McClaughry's

I have enjoyed the Darren Clarke and Bo Jackson story's at Whitesoxcards even though the Darren Clarke story is probably not over yet. Steve has a way of writing the story's that makes them interesting. I have a story I would like to share. My story begins in 1992 when Freddy Patek the former Shortstop for the Kansas City Royals daughter had a bad accident. She was paralyzed and the Royals decided to have a benefit for her. The benefit consisted of a card show and the Royals were present to due a lot of autograph signing. I wasn't going to miss out on something like this! However, sometimes I am not a real fast thinker. I decided to take my six year old son Trevor with me. One thing I would like you to know is, you see when my son was littlwe he was extremely hyperactive. I never gave that much thought about how many people were going to be there. There were autograph lines everywhere. I got in the middle of this huge crowd and my son decided it was time to get away from me. There were so many people and he was moving so fast through the crowd I lost my visual contact with him. Talk about immediate panic setting in! I could see people looking down like something was at their feet through out the crowd. I kept trying to look but I couldn't see anything. Finally, I happened to look over and the great former Royals pitcher Paul Splittorff was off to the side of the lines. Paul Splittorff was talking to some fans when just like a flash my son Trevor went right through his legs! Splittorff didn't laugh or nothing he simply glanced down and kept on talking. Trevor moved back into the autograph lines after that. But I knew one thing about my son he would come back to where he was before. Sure enough he did. I was waiting right behind Splittorff and when my son came by I nabbed him! Needless to say we didn't stay much longer after that I was to scared! As for where these people are at now, Patek daughter passed away four years after the benefit. Splittorff is still commentating for the Royals on TV and Trevor is 21 years old and in college he has totallly calmed down from what he was like when he was little.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

2K7 Mickey Mantle Unlock

I have already posted this card once in the trade with Netscans. The card is ugly and it don't even look like the Mick. So why post it again you may ask? It's the back of the card I like. No, it's not the cheats on the back, I don't even play the 2K7 video Game. It has a story on the back about the long homerun that Mick hit on May 22, 1963. I know everyone has heard the story before,but I can't hear it enough.
What it say's on the back:
"Mickey played hard, swing harder and hit the ball hardest-perhaps with more authority than any player ever has. When he got hold of one, the results were wondrous. He is the only player ever to reach the distant Yankee Stadium's facade, and that May 22, 1963 homer still inspires awe. Manger Casey Stengal swore it was still rising when it sturk the facade a foot below the top. It was measured to be on a trajectory to travel an astonhing 620 feet!"

Friday, February 1, 2008

Johnny Grubb Story

Johnny Grubb Card
in the late 1980's one time when I was over at my cousins house he started having me go through his baseball cards to see if they were worth anything. He probably had over 1000 1978 Topps all I kept finding was Johnny Grubb cards there were no stars no semi-stars nothing just commons there must have been a dozen or so Johnny Grubb cards I said, somebody has been through these cards. So we questioned his little brother when he came home we finally got him to confess that he had been to a card shop and sold the good cards. So to this day my cousin and I don't call the cards commons we call them Johnny Grubb's .