Friday, February 22, 2008

Cardboard Junkie Cards

Wow! When it rains it pours! I got four packages of cards today in the mail. I am going to list all four trades in four seperate posts. I am going to start off with Daivd at Cardboard Junkie. He has been like my mentor on this blogging. He is the first baseball card blogger I found. The blogg sight I found David was when he was endorsing Trade Mania. The first card I will start off with is the one I have posted here the 1972 Bob Oliver, his other he sent me were: 1968 Galen Cisco, 1979 Al Cowens, 1981 Donruss Dan Quisenberry, 1970 Topps Pat Kelly, 1974 Topps Freddy Patek, 1973 Topps Cookie Rojas, 1991 UpperDeck Gerald Perry, 1993 Fleer Kieth Miller, 1992 Topps Kevin Seitzer, 1971 Topps Jackie Hernandez, 1989 Topps All Star BO Jackson, 1994 Pinnacle Mike Macfarlane, 2008 UpperDeck Brian Bannister, 1994 Donruss Bob Hamelin, 1998 Fleer Jeff King, 1992 Fleer Ultra Kevin Appier, 2007 Topps Classic Combo Angel Berroa & Andres Blanco, 2003 Topps Heritage Rual Javier Ibanez, 2007 Bowman Heritage Alex Gordon, 2006 Bowman Heritage Alex Gordon, 2007 UpperDeck Angel Sanchez, 2006 Topps Kauffman Stadium, 2000 UpperDeck Jermaine Dye, 2007 Fleer Jose Diaz and an unopened- Major League George Brett All Stars Pop-Up Puzzle& Cards with a puzzle. 2007 Topps Distinguished Service Harry Truman I never pulled one last year! And the final card Kansas City Athletics Yeah! I love them. 1959 Bob Martyn! What a deal! This was an exceptionally GREAT Trade! Thanks to the Cardboard Junkie!

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