Monday, February 25, 2008

Beckett February 1992

Since Beckett is changing the way they do things and I have an attic full of old Becketts. I thought I would pick one out every now and then and write about it. When I look at the old magazines I wonder where it ever went wrong? As you can see on this cover there is a picture of Ozzie Smith. There is a story in the front of this Beckett about how the readers of the Beckett donated 2,000,000 cards for a Cards For Kids Program. A couple of pages over there is a story about Rookie Jeff Bagwell and how he won National Laegue Rookie of the Year. The pictures are so big and the stories are so well written. The main reason I picked this magazine out is for the story named,"In the Defense of Defense." This story talks about how collectors snub Defensive Players and fans don't always appreciate them. The story goes on to tell about how important good defensive players are in a game and it has a lot of pictures of great defensive players and their cards. I always liked the price guides in the Old Becketts. I almost don't need my bi-focals to read the prices! Each make and year has a picture of one of the cards so you can tell what the cards look like. Then you get to the section called "The Readers Write!. " You guessed it, this is where readers write questions or comments and the Writers for the Beckett make comments on the stories/ comments from the readers. On the back cover there is a big picture of Jeff Bagwell. I still enjoy looking at these old magazines like I said, the stories are well written, the pictures are great! I am still wondering where it went wrong?

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