Saturday, February 9, 2008


This Is my perception of "Fisking"

A couple of weeks ago one of the Big Bloggers had a title story called "Fisking". I thought alright! Being a Carlton Fisk fan, this has to be a story about Carloton Fisk. I was disappointed to find out that "Fisking" was a blogg term most often is used to implicate a line-by-line critisisim.
Oh "PUDGE" has been known to do a little criticizing by it was never line-by-line. The rivalry between Fisk and Munsen I don't believe was ever line-by-line. I would generate towards using the term bloggers call flamming to best describe the relationship between them. The story goes that when "PUDGE " got news that "Munsen had died in a plane crash" he cried right out in front of everybody. My favorite story about Carlton is, when he jumped Dion Sanders for not running out a pop-up. Carlton told him that he wasn't fit to wear a Yankees uniform. So as you can plainly see I have my own definition of what "Fisking" is.
This whole idea of this blogg happened when I called Steve the "Tom Seaver" of bloggers. He replied, If I am Tom Seaver, You are,"Carlton Fisk"! I found great honor in his reply.


Uglee Card said...

Carlton Fisk's rookie is the best card I own. I remember I got for $12 worth of cards and a George Brett poster. Good old Royals fans. That also makes it best trade I ever made.
I got to meet Fisk once and there was a reporter there. This reporter went on a three-minute question that was really more of a story about how he once saw Fisk play this great game, and so on.
Fisk just stared at him like, "Yeah, dude I was there." It was great.
Finally, Ivan Rodriguez should never be called Pudge. It drives me crazy every time.
Fisk it!

Bart McClaughry said...

You got your Fisk rookie card cheaper than I did. I gave up a 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle Card. I did get a lot of other cards to boot. But I wish had just payed cash. Yeah, I am like you i was used to calling Fisk "Pudge" then along came Ivan Rodriguez.

Steve Gierman said...

To this day I just call Ivan Rodriguez, Lil' Pudge. He had a great respect for Fisk and tried to model his early career after him.

Fisk will always be Pudge. Although the Commander fit him, it never stuck in my mind.

Bart McClaughry said...

How about it Steve? How did you get your Fisk Rookie?