Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cards For Eric

Eric I will be sending your cards out tomorrow! I sure appreciate the contribution you made towards my Royals collection. I only hope I can contribute to your Yankees Collection with the same effort.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Allen & Ginter's 2008

It is amazing how sometimes it is so easy to blog and other times it is so hard. Right now, I am in the hard stage. Tonight I am posting another one of Eric's cards. This is Allen Ginters just like Upper Deck I haven't bought any Allen Ginters card this year. So, I really appreciate this card from Eric too.
I have reached the half way point on my most memorable trades of all times. But don't think I have forgotten I still have 5 more to go! I want to thank all of you who do read my blog.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trade with Eric

About two weeks ago I got an e-mail from a guy named Eric stating he wanted to make a trade. Eric wanted to trade Yankees for Royals. He told me he had a Gil Meche Jersey card. I e-mailed him back and told him to keep it because I didn't have anything to trade him for it. He said he was thinning his collection and he would rather a Royals fan have it that would appreciate it. I definitely appreciate it! I am still going through the cards he sent me over 100 cards. I will probably do some more post on his cards later on. Another thing I enjoy in the cards he sent me are the 2007 & 2008 Upper Deck card. I haven't broke open any 2007 or 2008 Upper Deck packs trying to get Royals cards as I was hoping to trade for them and he sent me some. Thanks Eric! I am trying to gather Yankee cards to send to you.
Also, I haven't blogged lately as I have been on vacation. So, it is back to work tomorrow!

Monday, August 4, 2008

1991 Topps Cracker Jack II - 2 Carlton Fisk

What a rare collectable of BASEBALL GREAT CARLTON FISK!!! I got this card on a ebay auction! This is a tiny 1991 CARLTON FISK TOPPS CRACKER JACK CARD. It only measures 1 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches. AWESOME!! I have to get it in my collection fast before I lose it.
Checklist of TOPPS CRACKER JACK 1991 Series 2

1 Eddie Murray
2 Carlton Fisk
3 Eric Anthony
4 Kelly Gruber
5 Von Hayes
6 Ben McDonald
7 Andre Dawson
8 Ellis Burks
9 Matt Williams
10 Dave Stewart
11 Barry Larkin
12 Chuck Finley
13 Shane Andrews
14 Bret Saberhagen
15 Bobby Bonilla
16 Roberto Kelly
17 Orel Hershiser
18 Ruben Sierra
19 Ron Gant
20 Frank Thomas
21 Tim Wallach
22 Gregg Olson
23 Shawon Dunston
24 Kent Hrbek
25 Ramon Martinez
26 Alan Trammell
27 Ozzie Smith
28Bob Welch
29 Chris Sabo
30 Steve Sax
31 Bip Roberts
32 Dave Stieb
33 Howard Johnson
34 Mike Greenwell
35 Delino DeShields
36 Alex Fernandez

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My 5th Most Memorable Trade of all Times

This trade happened when I was actually a dealer. A friend of mine whom I a have known for a long time, said that Preacher Roe was going to be at card show in Joplin Mo. He asked me If I would go along to help him because he was going to have his own table at the show. At first we were worried because the weather was really bad as it was icing outside. So, there was a chance the Preacher might not even show up. The Preacher was a little late but eventually he showed up. My friend ended up spending most of his time over at Preachers table getting signatures. Anyway I sold a lot of baseball cards for my friend. This one guy showed up at his table, and he had a lot of good cards that were on my want list. Several of them I have already listed on this blog and on previous blogs that I have done. He had a 1966 Catfish Hunter, an 1989 Fleer Ripken F Face,
and some other cards i traded him out of which I can't remember right now. I had also been wanting the 1989 Jim Abbott Topps Traded another guy walked up to the table with it and we made that trade. I left that particular show really happy because I had never made so many trades on cards that I really wanted before.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Can't Quit!

I am taking a break from my blogs on my top 10 Trades to comment on Houston Card Collector article "I Quit!" As for me personally, I can't quit. I love collecting baseball cards. I have tried to quit several times throughout my life. However, collecting baseball cards just keeps coming back to me as a hobby. I get real joy when I read blogs or e-mails where guys say I quit collecting but I have started back up again. For the hobby to remain healthy we have to have collectors returning back to the hobby. I think we have to learn to adjust to what the hobby is doing. I would love to ride my bicycle to the local quick stop and buy cards for 15 cents a pack as I did when I was a kid. But the times have changed, you can see that clearly when you go to any gas pump or grocery store. Houston card Collector talks about in his article that the card companies are charging 100 dollars a pack on some products. Apparently people are buying them at 100 dollars a pack or the card companies wouldn't keep charging that much. I know that the major card companies have tried to market a cheaper pack of cards in the past but they just don't sell! One thing I do agree about with Houston cards collectors article is I wish cards were in the local stores more.

I would like to see as many baseball card collectors come back to the hobby that I love. Because unlike those collectors that have quit collecting I can't quit!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My 4th Most Memorable Trade of all Times

I am changing this blog from best trade to most memorable trade of all time because some people wouldn't consider these good trades but they are the most memorable to me. In 1989 my wife and I had just moved back to our home town and the baseball card boom was on. I couldn't hardly believe it but the little town that we grew up in now had a card shop. Anyway I packed up several of my cards from the 1970's and headed to the card shop to do some trading. It is funny but I still remember looking around the ladies shop and it was like my dream of being a collector and having a card shop to go to trade at. I told they shop owner that I would trade her several cards from the 1970's for a complete set of 1988 Topps. I remember her picking out a 1977 Johnny Bench and a Pete Rose and a 1976 Dave Winfield. I remember walking to my car thinking what a good deal. I traded just a few cards for a complete set what a good deal. But now as I look back on it I would have rather have kept my old cards. The ladies husband passed away so she closed the shop down after just a year. The building she had her card shop in is now condemned and has a fence around it. Sometimes when I drive buy the old building I think to myself that there used to be a sports card shop in this town.