Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Can't Quit!

I am taking a break from my blogs on my top 10 Trades to comment on Houston Card Collector article "I Quit!" As for me personally, I can't quit. I love collecting baseball cards. I have tried to quit several times throughout my life. However, collecting baseball cards just keeps coming back to me as a hobby. I get real joy when I read blogs or e-mails where guys say I quit collecting but I have started back up again. For the hobby to remain healthy we have to have collectors returning back to the hobby. I think we have to learn to adjust to what the hobby is doing. I would love to ride my bicycle to the local quick stop and buy cards for 15 cents a pack as I did when I was a kid. But the times have changed, you can see that clearly when you go to any gas pump or grocery store. Houston card Collector talks about in his article that the card companies are charging 100 dollars a pack on some products. Apparently people are buying them at 100 dollars a pack or the card companies wouldn't keep charging that much. I know that the major card companies have tried to market a cheaper pack of cards in the past but they just don't sell! One thing I do agree about with Houston cards collectors article is I wish cards were in the local stores more.

I would like to see as many baseball card collectors come back to the hobby that I love. Because unlike those collectors that have quit collecting I can't quit!

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