Sunday, August 3, 2008

My 5th Most Memorable Trade of all Times

This trade happened when I was actually a dealer. A friend of mine whom I a have known for a long time, said that Preacher Roe was going to be at card show in Joplin Mo. He asked me If I would go along to help him because he was going to have his own table at the show. At first we were worried because the weather was really bad as it was icing outside. So, there was a chance the Preacher might not even show up. The Preacher was a little late but eventually he showed up. My friend ended up spending most of his time over at Preachers table getting signatures. Anyway I sold a lot of baseball cards for my friend. This one guy showed up at his table, and he had a lot of good cards that were on my want list. Several of them I have already listed on this blog and on previous blogs that I have done. He had a 1966 Catfish Hunter, an 1989 Fleer Ripken F Face,
and some other cards i traded him out of which I can't remember right now. I had also been wanting the 1989 Jim Abbott Topps Traded another guy walked up to the table with it and we made that trade. I left that particular show really happy because I had never made so many trades on cards that I really wanted before.

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