Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Robin Yount Collect a Book Series A 1990

Robin Says:
" Managers sometimes try to change the styles of hitters. That's OK as long as they don't make the hitters so uncomfortable that they end up hurting the team more than helping it"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Alex Fernandez 1991 TM40 Card

Back of the card say's
The route Alex Fernandez took to the majors is a unusual one. The son of Cuban immigrants, he grew up in Miami,starred at Pace High and was a member of the 1987 USA junior national team that finished second to Cuba at the World Junior Tournament. In 88 he was a first- round draft pick of the Brewers but opted to attend the University of Miami, where he had a tremendous 89 season - 15 W, 2 L, 2.01 ERA- and was named Baseball America's freshmen of the Year.Alex then transferred to a junior college, Miami-Dade Communtity College South, so he could be eligible for the 1990 draft.(ML rules don'tallow college players to be drafted until after their junior year.) After a super 12-2, 1.19juco season, he was the #1 pick of the White Sox. He had a brief stint in the minors, made his ML debut August 2 and went 5-5 3.80 in the heat of Chicago's pennant race. The first-year pro ended 1990 on an ironic note as the winner of the Gold Spikes Award ,given to the nation's top amateur player.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trade with Brain

Just complete a trade with Brain who lives in Canada.We trade Royals for Mets.Thanks Brain
I got 1985 Topps Collectors Series Willie Wilson& Dan Quisenberry
91Fleer Ultra Jim Eisenreich,Tom Gordon,Mark Gubicza,Kevin Appier,Jeff Conine,Brian McRae,Brent Mayne,Terry Shumpert,Kevin Seitzer,Jeff Montgomery,Bret Saberhagen
2007 Topps Heritage Neifi Perez
2001 Topps Heritage Mark Quinn
1991 Score Gerald Perry,Bret Saberhagen,Mark Davis,JIm Eisienreich, Jeff Schulz,Mel Stottlemyre, JR.,Brent Mayme,Tom Gordon, Steve Jeltz, Bo Jaskson ,George Brett
1988 Topps Bo Jaskson
1988 Fleer George Brett
1990 Upper Deck George Brett,Bo Jaskson,Bo Jaskson Team Card,Steve Farr
1989 Fleer George Brett

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nlolan Ryan Lithograph

This a lithograph by local Rich Hill, Missouri Artist Bob Schlyer. He used Baseball Cards for the original painting. Can you tell what cards he used?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trade with RonG

I got a lot of neat cards today in a package from Ron G. I am going to post moreof them later. The card i thought was the neatest was this Tombstone Pizza card of Jeff Montgomery. I never had seen these cards before. Thanks Ron!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Here is another card from Stats on the back.
I am up to 1027 Royals Cards. But I am out of Braves and Mets Cards.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I bought a bonus box of 2008 Topps series 1 at Wal-Mart

I bought a bonus box of 2008 Topps series 1 at Wal-Mart this weekend. Most of you already know you get 5 packs and a bonus 3 card pack. Along with this Ichiro I got 2 other Dick Perez cards. I have been reading a lot of baseball card bloggs where everyone is talking about the insert cards. I go through moods sometimes I like insert cards sometimes I don't. It is just hard for me to pay $2 for a pack of 10 cards which averages out to .20 a card. I am from the old school, I like the regular base set cards but when you go to these web-sites to do trading and stuff they will always want to know what you have for insert cards to trade. Now, this is when I like to get insert cards, when I can trade them. As I debate what I am trying to say in this blogg is I guess I dream of the day when I used to buy a whole pack of cards for a dime. I guess those days are long gone! The Perez cards are nice looking!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Trade with Stats on the back

Wow another GREAT TRADE!!! I am getting spoiled! Never in all my years of trading with dealers have I ever made so many good trades as I have with all the traders on-line bloggers. My most recent trade was with Mark partner on Stats on the back blogger. Mark is one of the first ones to make a comment on my blogg. He says he reads my blogg everyday and I appreciate that greatly! Thanks Mark. Blogg story, In 1976 I made a trade with a guy he took all my 1974 Topps checklists which had the name of the team & players like the card pictured here in this blogg. Through-out all my years of trading they never got replaced then a couple of weeks ago I decided I would find a replacement for it on e-bay and for some strange reason I decided Na and then Mark sent me one. The following cards are what I recieved from Mark in my trade:
1974 Topps Traded Nelson Briles
!974 Topps Traded Fernando Gonzalez
1974 Topps Fran Healy
1969 Topps Dave Morehead
1972 topps Paul Schaal in Action
1971 Topps Strikeout Leaders has Bob Johnson
2008 Topps Mark Grudzielanek
1970 Topps Dick Drago
1973 Topps Paul Splittorff
2006 Bazooka Justin Huber
2004 Fleer Angel Berroa
2007 Bowman Heritage Nick Van Stratten
2003 Donruss Michael Tucker
2006 Fleer Steve Stemle
2006 Fleer Angel Berroa
2005 Upperdeck Jimmy Serro
1992 Leaf Studio Wally Joyner
1992 Panani Brett Saberhagen
1990 Score rising superstar Danny Tartabull
1987 Fleer Lonnie Smith
1995 Upperdeck Collector's Choice Jose Lind
2005 Topps Total Terrance Long
2004 Upperdeck Rated Rookie Stephan Andrade
2004 Stadium access Angel Berroa
2006 Bowman David DeJesus
2007 Topps Turkey Red Mark Teahen
2004 Upperdeck star Rookies Jorge Vasquez
1988 Kmart Memorable Moments George Brett
1982 Fleer All-Star Infielders Frank White & Bucky Dent
1988 Topps Mini Brett Saberhagen
1988 Topps Mini Super-Star George Brett
2007 Bowman Chrome Luke Hochevar
1988 Coin Jim Rooker
1985 Donruss Post Card size George Brett
1985 Donruss Post Card size Dan Quisenberry
1988 Topps Mini Frank White
Big Post Card Size Sticker card Tom Gordon Luis De Los Santos
1 un-opened Topps Wax Pack 1986

When I started my baseball card blogg there were 2 things I wasn't going to discuss on it, they were my faith and politics. Well just a few days ago when I received a Truman card I broke my rule and discussed politics. Well now I am going to discuss my faith. It seems like there is some kind of higher power making sure I don't get to many doubles. It seems like a would be missing a few different Royals from different to complete my royals sets and those are the cards I have been getting in my trades. Wow! Amazing ......