Monday, April 20, 2009

Baseballcardman does Trade With ArodYanksFan:

Yeah!!!!!!! I am back to trading

baseballcardman receives from ArodYanksFan:
2007 Topps Generation Now Vintage GNV14 Matt Cain
2007 Topps Opening Day Team vs. Team
OD9 ArizonaDiamondbacks/Colorado Rockies
OD14 Texas Rangers/Los Angeles Angels
OD15 San Diego Padres/San Francisco Giants
Diamond Stars #DS5 Raul Ibanez
2007 Topps Own the Game 21 Johan Santana
2007 Topps Trading Places TP7 Ted Lilly , TP15 Aubrey Huff

baseballcardman gaveup to ArodYanksFan
2007 Topps: 52,62,64,101,105,114,180,183,209,222,224,227,232,2 42,244,286,333,346,359,366,393,453,487,453,509,523 ,576,584,590,596,598

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bart went to a Sports Collector's show

GT Sports Marketing hosted a sports collector's show at Kansas City Friday through Sunday, April 3-5 at the Overland Park International Trade Center.

I went to a collector's show Saturday.

Here is just a few of the cards I bought:

George Brett HOF card

1952 Topps Wally Post card

1949 Bowmen -George "Red" Munger #40

1972 Topps Lou Piniella Card