Sunday, February 22, 2009

A day at Coach's Corner

It has been a long drought, first we had high gas prices then the economy crashed. However, I did work a little over-time this week so I had a little extra cash on hand. So I decided to take an adventure to "Coaches Corner" a card shop in Belton, Missouri. I found that it had been 14 months since my last visit. Well anyway, nothing had changed, you couldn't even tell the economy was bad by looking at this cardshop. The owner's nickname is "Coaches", he was taling baseball and the chances that the KC Royals have this coming season, it reminded me of the old days when there was a cardshop on every corner.

Coaches Carshop

I bought a jumbo pack of 2009 Topps, and got this George Sisler along with many other good cards.

I also picked up another Carlton Fisk for my collection, YEAH!