Monday, March 3, 2008


Here is another card from Stats on the back.
I am up to 1027 Royals Cards. But I am out of Braves and Mets Cards.


capewood said...

I own a lot of different kinds of cards but this is one I do not recognize. Can you tell us something about it?


mmosley said...

These big sticker cards keep popping up since I keep giving them away. David over at Indian Cards found out some info:

White Sox cards showed off "Sam Sosa" here:

capewood said...

Thanks, I found a reference to them in the 2007 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. Apparently they were published 4 on a page, which is why Steve over on thingsdonetocards mentioned that the card he had appeared to be hand cut. You both have the Rookies version of the set. Your Tom Gordon card (according to the catalog) is worth a whole nickel. Sam Sosa goes for $1.50. Ken Griffey Jr. is in this set at $2.


Bart McClaughry said...

Sure glad I waited awhile to comment cause I had no idea about the stickers at all. Thank you Mark and Thank you Cliff for your comments on my blogg.