Monday, August 4, 2008

1991 Topps Cracker Jack II - 2 Carlton Fisk

What a rare collectable of BASEBALL GREAT CARLTON FISK!!! I got this card on a ebay auction! This is a tiny 1991 CARLTON FISK TOPPS CRACKER JACK CARD. It only measures 1 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches. AWESOME!! I have to get it in my collection fast before I lose it.
Checklist of TOPPS CRACKER JACK 1991 Series 2

1 Eddie Murray
2 Carlton Fisk
3 Eric Anthony
4 Kelly Gruber
5 Von Hayes
6 Ben McDonald
7 Andre Dawson
8 Ellis Burks
9 Matt Williams
10 Dave Stewart
11 Barry Larkin
12 Chuck Finley
13 Shane Andrews
14 Bret Saberhagen
15 Bobby Bonilla
16 Roberto Kelly
17 Orel Hershiser
18 Ruben Sierra
19 Ron Gant
20 Frank Thomas
21 Tim Wallach
22 Gregg Olson
23 Shawon Dunston
24 Kent Hrbek
25 Ramon Martinez
26 Alan Trammell
27 Ozzie Smith
28Bob Welch
29 Chris Sabo
30 Steve Sax
31 Bip Roberts
32 Dave Stieb
33 Howard Johnson
34 Mike Greenwell
35 Delino DeShields
36 Alex Fernandez


capewood said...

The front of this card is exactly the same as Fisk's 1991 Topps card. Same design, same photo.

drich4389 said...

Ihave all the cards except for, Hayes, Burk, andrew and martinez.

mitchell-8345 said...

im trying to get one of those cards but i think im getting ripped off. what do yall guys think is a good asking price for the the carlton fisk cracker jack card?

Chesko said...

I have #28 (Bob Welsh), if you want it.