Saturday, February 2, 2008

2K7 Mickey Mantle Unlock

I have already posted this card once in the trade with Netscans. The card is ugly and it don't even look like the Mick. So why post it again you may ask? It's the back of the card I like. No, it's not the cheats on the back, I don't even play the 2K7 video Game. It has a story on the back about the long homerun that Mick hit on May 22, 1963. I know everyone has heard the story before,but I can't hear it enough.
What it say's on the back:
"Mickey played hard, swing harder and hit the ball hardest-perhaps with more authority than any player ever has. When he got hold of one, the results were wondrous. He is the only player ever to reach the distant Yankee Stadium's facade, and that May 22, 1963 homer still inspires awe. Manger Casey Stengal swore it was still rising when it sturk the facade a foot below the top. It was measured to be on a trajectory to travel an astonhing 620 feet!"

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