Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jim Abbott

Tonights card is the 1989 Topps Jim Abbott card. Like I have said before on this blogg, I do not like doubles as soon as I get a double I trade it off to get something I don't have. In 1989 I decided that I would try to see how many Jim Abbott cards I could get in my possession. I really have great admiration on how he has worked through his handicap. In 1989 I was doing construction work I got a job in East Lansing Michigan. I noticed they were having a card show on the weekend in Flint Michigan. So, I went to the show and started looking for Jim Abbott cards. I couldn't find any of his card anywhere at the show. I didn't ask but I couldn't find them. When I got home and started looking at this card I noticed that he was born and raised in Flint MI. I guess I should have noticed the Big M on his hat or Michigan on his Jersey. Anyway I never was the most observant dog in the woods. To this day in my collection Jim Abbott's 1989 Topps card is the only card I have numerous copies of side by side in my collection. I feel keeping the numerous copies is a tribute to Jim Abbott and his handicap.

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