Friday, June 27, 2008

Cards from Tribecards

I received some great cards from Tribe Cards. I picked David up something at a garage sale a while back so now, I guess I will have to send it to him now. At first I had a hard time trying to figure out which card to make the feature card out of the selection from Tribe cards. But when I seen this Storm Davis 1990 Classic card I picked it. This past Wednesday Evening I was going through my Royals Cards when I noticed my 1990 Storm Davis card had a crease in it. Then low and behold I get one in the mail. Thanks David for the great cards!

1974 topps Ed Kirkpatrick #262
1979 Topps Joe Zdeb #389
2008 Topps Miguel Olivo#441
2008 Topps Matt Tupman #534
2007 Topps Opening Day David DeJesus #162
2007 Topps Opening Day Ryan Braun #169
2002 Topps Raul Ibanez #458
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Alex Gordon
2007 Fleer Mark Teahen #24
1992 O pee chiee George Brett
2004 Donruss Team Heroes Amos Otis
2004 Donruss Impact Jermaine Dye
1996 Topps Finest Prodigies Sal Fasano
2007 Fleer Joey Gathright
1989 Fleer Baseballs Exciting Stars Kevin Seitzer
1982 Fleer Rance Mulliniks
2005 Donruss Mike MacDougal
1989 Donruus Diamond Kings Kevin Seitzer
2008 Upper Deck Joel Peralta#255
2002 Fleer Angel Berroa #206
1995 Pinacle Bob Hamelin #4
1983 topps Runs Batted in Leaders Hal McRae #703
1991 Collectabooks George Brett #28
1992 The Baseball Enquirer George Brett
1996 Classic Kevin Appier
1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Jim Pittsley
1994 Upper Deck Sp Kevin Appier
2005 Donruss Signature George Brett
2007 Topps 52 Ryan Braun#96
1990 Classic Storm Davis #T15
Willie Wilson Pin
1993 BAT Card Upper Deck Dennis Leonard
1993 Bat Card Upper Deck Buddy Biancalana


--David said...

Hey! Glad ya liked 'em and hop you needed more than a few of them - at least you needed one for an 'upgrade!' :-)

capewood said...

There haven't been a lot of pink baseball cards over the years. I wonder why?