Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My 96 topps lot buy

In the mid 1990's I decided that I didn't like where the hobby of ball card collecting was headed. I decided that I was only going to buy and collect cards from the 1970's or later. But having the true collectors blood and enjoying the hobby, I decided to start buying some of the new cards in the late 1990's. Well, I missed out on some years, one of the years I missed out on was 1996. So, I decided I wanted to buy a large lot of cards. I always liked opening vending boxes more than I did opening a wax box. I finally found a guy that was selling 466 , 1996 Topps cards on e-bay. The dealer said,"They would have a book value of $110." So, I thought this is too good to turn down. I got a lot of doubles of star players that I can use as trade bait with other traders. In my opinion, I missed out on a good looking card in 1996. Topps had good photography, and the picture takes up most of the card space without a lot of border, unlike the 2008 Topps. Anyway if you are wondering what the baseball cardman is doing, he is looking at and sorting his new 1996 Topps!

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