Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reds October

This is for Cincy Reds Cards at
1991 Score Card #795
Cebebrating their World Series sweep of the A's Reds mob Randy Myers .Pic #1
Ater beating the Pirates in the NLCS, Barry Larkin does a back flip. Pic #2


Bay Rat North West said...

Thanks for the card dedication. I just got that card in from Indians Baseball today as a matter of fact.
I remember watching those series' and jumping up and down when they won it all. I even made 9 n 0 in '90 part of my signature on all my schoolwork.
I was looking through the links on wax heaven and found yours and took a look. I will gladly add your link after this dedication!


Bart McClaughry said...

For Immediate Release:

January 18, 2008 8:00AM Mountain
Salt Lake City, Utah

Way to go Cincinnati Reds Cards!

Today marks 100 visitors to the best Reds Baseball Card Blog on the world wide web.
"It has been a fun, rewarding experience for all involved. Especially me!" blog writer Joe said to me. "The support of the baseball card community has been overwhelming and a bit humbling at the same time."
When asked what his favorite part of the job was, Joe replied "There are two things that stand out. The commenting back from the fans. Without them this site would just be another blog with pretty picture and some words. And reading other collector sites. It's fun seeing and reading what is out there."
Tonight Joe and his fiance Jesse plan on celebrating the 100th visitor to his site by a trip to Baskin Robins and some dancing. "Nothing like the 100th visitor to really make you want to celebrate," said Jesse. "Joe has a surprise tonight of a new box of cards I bought for him."
So congratulations to Cincinnati reds Cards and keep up the good work!