Monday, January 21, 2008

Link Exchange

Yeah! We've got a link Exchange with the Fleer Sticker Project. Finally found somebody that is blogging that collected cards back before there were card shops. I really like his web link. He is doing something I know nothing about a lot of documentation on Fleer Stickers. He also does reminisce about the 1970's one thing he has done is he listed several "Christmas Wish Books." He made really think back in time. When I do a web-link I usually post a card of a player or team they collect. However, I haven't any old Fleer stickers that I am aware of so I have posted one of Fleerfans stickers fron his site. (Thanks Fleerfan) I have picked this particular sticker because I am a Chiefs Fan and it is not very often I see an Old Dallas Texan logo.

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