Friday, July 11, 2008

Old Beckett's Part 2

Ever had an idea? And then had an idea off of that idea? Then, you find out that someone already did your idea? Well, I was going through some of my old Beckett's the other night in theJune issue of 1989 Beckett one of the writers Tom Wheatley did a story on the 1987 Topps Set. I thought this is really interesting. I wonder** what ever happpened to this guy and his card collecting? Then I remembered that his son Tommy used to write the "Kids Korner in the Beckett. I wondered** what every happened to him? I am going to write a story about them. I was excited! Then I found out through Google that some other Bloggers already beat me to it. BUMMER! Oh well, nice idea. So, as I read through the interview the guy asked Tommy Wheatley why he quit collecting cards? He basically stated that he quit because the adults had taken it over. There is now too many cards, packs became to expensive, too many insert cards. After reading his article and talking to other used to be collectors that live near me, their story is the same as Tommy's. This makes me wonder just what am I still doing collecting cards? Was I just to stupid to get out or did my boyhood passion for collecting strive through times? Anyway if you are wondering what I am up to now, I am re-reading all my old Beckett's. I would come closer to paying $6.00 for an old Beckett rather than paying $6.00 for a new one. Here is the Blogg about Tommy