Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Beckett on-line

I have been looking through my old Beckett's again. This time I picked out the August 1995, issue 125, with Frank Thomas on the cover. I sold several Beckett's at garage sales through the years. Apparently this one never sold as it looks like I had a price tag on it. In 1995 I was going through a stage if the baseball card wasn't a 1979 or older, I didn't even consider it a baseball card. I would usually buy one Beckett a year to keep track of baseball card prices. This issue of the Beckett had good stories about the careers, of Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Carlton Fisk, Robin Yount & Dale Murphy. The story that caught my eye the most was on page 4, where Dr. Beckett announces that they now have "The Beckett" on-line now. I had almost forgotten the day when "The Beckett" first came on-line! We didn't have a home computer in 1995 so, I would have to go to other places that had a computer. I would go to friends houses, and the library to see what all Beckett had on-line. Just the other day, I bought the new Baseball Card Plus Beckett, as I still like to keep track of the prices. Now, they don't even have the "Baseball Card Monthly anymore. But I still enjoy reading the Beckett on-line at It still amazes in order to keep up with my card collecting I have had to evolve with the times and new resources. Baseballcardman

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