Thursday, July 31, 2008

My 3rd Best Trade of all Times

My third best trade is all of the trades I have made on the Internet building up my KC Royals collection. I actually wasn't trying to build my Royals collection until I started my Baseballcardman Blog. Steve at White sox cards and David at Indian baseball cards always looked liked they were having great fun collecting their team players so I decided to start building mine too. Once again, thanks for inspiring me guys! Since I have started trading on-line I have built my Royals up to about 1500 of course not all of my Royals came through trading but quite a few of them did. It has been great fun to come home and see what is in the packages! I really enjoy being surprised by the cards people have surprised me with. So, if you happen to be one that I have traded with THANK YOU and may we have many more trades in the future! Baseballcardman

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