Sunday, January 25, 2009

Link Exchange with The Golden Age of Baseball Cards

Wow!! I haven't did a link exchange in a long time. But today we have one with The Golden Age of Baseball Cards
This is a great site I like the The Greatest Baseball Card Ever part of this site. The manger of this site says: "How can anyone classify a baseball card as the greatest ever? I don’t know, but I’d like to try. Who is the greatest player? Babe Ruth? Mickey Mantle? Ted Williams? Hank Aaron? Barry Bonds? Many others come to mind. However, in trying to determine the “Greatest Baseball Card Ever”, we will examine more than the particular player’s ability, the scarcity of the card or its worth today. Certain criteria will constrain the choices to a reasonable number of cards. The cards eligible for this honor will be limited to those that were most popular with boys growing up, when cards were purchased throughout the summer as each series became available, before factory sets could be obtained, and when collecting cards was something that kids did for fun, not for investment purposes. Other considerations are listed in theGreatest Baseball Card Ever section of this website."
Right now the 1956 Mickey Mantle is listed on his sight. It is also one of my favorite cards eventhough I do not own one. The Mantle card definitely is one to see. click on the above link and view it for yourself!

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